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A credit card is required to reserve your appointment.  It will not be charged at the time of scheduling.  You will pay for your service in person on the day of your visit with cash, credit card, pre-paid package or gift certificate.  If you wish to use the same card that was used to reserve your appointment, you must bring the card to be swiped at checkout.  Please read the "Policies" page if this is your first visit.

Why Do I Need to Reserve My Appointment with A Credit Card?

The short answer is, because the appointment cannot be refilled.  If you cannot keep your appointment, please call 24-hours before your appointment time to avoid paying for the service.  If there is no answer, leave a message with a return phone number. This will allow reasonable time to re-fill the appointment.  Only a voice mail message will be allowed for cancellation or rescheduling.  You may not use email or text.

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